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  • By Woodard

    A relaxed blend of cozy comfort and sophisticated style, Cortland takes the outdoors seriously. Constructed with beauty and longevity in mind, Cortland combines superb design and luscious fabrics with hefty welding and brilliant craftsmanship. With timeless details and a rust-proof, aluminum frame, this sizable collection from Woodard features countless fabric and finish options to suit varying tastes and needs.


    C$5,349.00 Regular Price
    C$3,999.00Sale Price
    • Loveseat: Height: 35.5"W x 75"L x 39.5"H

      Sofa: Height: 35.5"W x 104"L: 47"H

      LB Chair: 27.4"W x 34.8"D x 37.5"H

      HB Chair: 25.5"W x 33.4"D x 43.8"H

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