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Available Seats: 6
Premium JetPak Seats: 3-4*
Lounge Seats: 1

Size: 7’4″ (2.24m) x 6’8″ (2.03m) x 2’10” (.86m)

*4th JetPak available with upgrade to optional 2nd pump. Spa shown with additional pump and JetPak in all images.

More Details about the A6L

The A6L would be considered a small hot tub, but this premium spa provides nearly all the features of spas that take much more space. Compact on the outside, the A6L is a popular hot tub for singles, urbanites, and small families. The A6L seats 4 adults comfortably and can actually seat up to 6 people, yet it still fit on most decks, balconies and patios. The A6L features your choice of 3-4 JetPaks and a comfortable lounge seat with therapeutic calf and foot jets. Don’t worry if you don’t have a large space, the A6L ensures you won’t miss out on therapy or relaxation.


Trim Package Quick Comparison

A6L Plus.PNG
A6L select.PNG
  • Standard cabinetry

  • Standard jet bezels

  • Standard headrests

  • Standard water feature

  • Standard lighting

  • 8-button standard control


Reg, $17,195

$15,999 (or $38 weekly)

SAVE $1,196

  • Standard cabinetry

  • Standard jet bezels​

  • Premium headrests

  • Premium water feature

  • Premium lighting

  • Premium 3-button auxiliary controls

  • Premium touch-screen control


Reg, $22,395

$18,499 (or $44 weekly)

SAVE $3,896

  • Select 2-tone cabinetry

  • Select Tungsten metallic jet bezels​

  • Select lighting under headrests​

  • Premium headrests

  • Premium water feature

  • Premium lighting

  • Premium 3-button auxiliary controls

  • Premium touch-screen control


Reg, $24,595

$19,999 (or $47weekly)

SAVE $4,596

Jetpak picture.PNG

JetPak Therapy System™

The Bullfrog Spas JetPak Therapy System for A Series includes 16 unique and interchangeable JetPak® massages to choose from so you can personalize your hot tub experience.


Select your preferred massages, place them in your favorite seats, move them from seat to seat whenever you like, and upgrade with a new JetPak at any time.

A Series™ JetPak® Options

Thoughtful Seating

All layouts, seats, and jet placements in A Series spas have been carefully re-evaluated to provide optimal therapy experiences for the largest variety of people and situations. This includes a thoughtful mix of seat depths in each model, improved seating ergonomics, better jet alignment, a focus on safe entry/exit, and enhanced premium seating in proximity to conveniences like auxiliary controls and cup holders.

Thoughtful Seating.PNG
Bullfrog waterfall.PNG
Simplicity Filtration System.PNG

Simplicity® Filtration System

Featuring dual intakes for more effective skimming, an in-wall design that saves an incredible amount of space for seating, and an industry-first flat filter. You’ll absolutely love the convenience and cost savings that come with this simple approach to spa water filtration.

Optional Water Care Packages.PNG
Wellspring Ozone.PNG
filtration pump.PNG

Colors & Finishes

A Series spas offer a choice of 4 attractive 2-tone Select cabinets or 2 standard cabinets. Each visible component, the cabinet, acrylic shell, headrest, jets, cover, and every other piece of trim are coordinated with the rest of the spa. The results for each color and trim package selection is a stylish and visually appealing spa that will become the centerpiece of your backyard.

Exterior Cabinets

Coastal Grey.PNG
Woodland Brown.PNG

Interior Shells

interior shells.PNG


*Exterior cabinets with accent included in Select Trim Package and available as upgrade in Plus Trim Package.

Bullfrog Spas Design Studio

Personalize Your A Series Spa

Use Bullfrog Spas®’ Design Studio to select your spa, colors, features, and options. You’ll then receive an instant price quote.
bullfrog pic 3.PNG
bulfrog banner.PNG


We’ve reimagined A Series lighting in ways that make using your spa simple to operate, safe, and more enjoyable. Enjoy lighted cup holders, lighted water features, and lighted controls that are easier than ever to operate at night. Exterior safety light is bright and attractive.


JetPaks now offer under-lighted headrests that enhance the mood of your spa relaxation. Our inductive lighting technology means that headrest under lighting operates seamlessly with no need for wires or connectors. Snap in the JetPak and the lights come on.



The enhanced A Series headrests are better aligned to the neck and spine and offer an improved fit and look, blending seamlessly into the natural contours of the spa. Both the Standard and Select headrests feature a contemporary patterned surface for a fresh new look. ​

Water Features

The A Series premium waterfall is smooth, not splashy. A dedicated feature pump creates a consistent, subtle flow that fills a lighted basin on top and spills to the surface in one even ribbon. Both water and light cascade into the spa for a calm mood and a more peaceful environment. ​

water features.PNG
bullfrog banner 2.PNG


The premium touchscreen control has been refreshed with improved icons and more legible notification text. The standard 8-button control has a refreshed overlay in coordinated colors with updated icons.​


All-new 3-function auxiliary controls, available with A Series Plus and Select trim packages now allow the spa user to control jets, lights, and water features easily without leaving the comfort of their favorite seat. In addition, these controls are lighted for ease of use at night.​

control 1.PNG
control 2.PNG
control 3.PNG

Premium Audio System

Upgrade your A Series spa with an optional top-quality audio system upgrade with a reliable behind-the-shell speaker system, premium quality sound, and Bluetooth connectivity. ​

premium audio system.PNG
cloud control 2.PNG

CloudControl 2™

With the optional CloudControl 2™ Wifi Module and the intuitive smartphone app, customers are able to monitor and control their spa from anywhere with a WiFi or digital cellular signal. Adjust the pump and filtration settings, start the spa jets before use, turn on the lights, and adjust the temperature from anywhere.

bullfrog banner  3.PNG

Accessibility & Safety Options

premier step.PNG
select step.PNG
dura step.PNG

Premier Step™

Select Step™


The Premier Step is designed for premium spas like the all-new A Series. A top-quality, beautiful, reliable, and robust step, Premier Steps are available in colors to match cabinets or cabinet accents for all A Series cabinet options. 

The Select Step features a customizable system that provides maximum safety while adding visual appeal to any backyard setting. Colors and materials match Bullfrog Spas cabinetry for an integrated design.  And the modular design offers an optional third step upgrade with handrail and backrail options for enhanced safety.

Our entry level convenient DuraStep hot tub steps are color-matched to the spa cabinet and coordinated with the spa cover. These durable, long-lasting steps are easy to install and create safe and easy access to your Bullfrog spa with a non-slip surface and durable composite construction.

swim dek non slip.PNG

SwimDek Non-Slip Aquatic Surface Package

Improve the look, feel, and safety of your A Series spa. Our SwimDek™ Surface Package defines premium luxury and support with innovative, low-profile cushioning fixed onto the spa’s interior shell. This is an available option for dealer installation on all A Series trim levels.

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