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    • Our CouleeYard 2in1 may be the most versatile fire pit on the market today. Starting with your choice in fuel, use traditional fire wood or explore the captivating ease of wood pellets as fuel for this multifunctional fire pit. Our 2in1 can be used as a fire insert or stand alone that can be taken to the campsite or cabin.

      Enjoy the benefits of cooking over fire by adding the grill & post or use the 5” SearLip to sear, cook burgers or even use cast iron.

      Add our Stainless-Steel lid to double as a table when not in use or once your fire has died down to hot coals.

    • Dimensions
      • 19” Inside Diameter
      • 24” Outside Diameter
      • 15” High
      • 55 lbs
    • Fuel Source
      • Firewood & Pellets
    • Smoke-Less
      • Although we are not 100% smoke free, we are significantly less or virtually no smoke or smell. 


    **When using wood pellets, do not try adding more pellets to your fire. Due to our design, this can suffocate the fire and create a lot of smoke. If you want to extend your fire add firewood**

    **Our fire pits reach extreme heat and we recommend using a heat resistant base when necessary to ensure you do not burn the surface below**

    • Seat/Heat
      • Perfect for 4-6. Up to 6-8.
    • Designed and Manufactured in Canada
      • We offer a 10 Year Limited Warranty. 


    CouleeYard 19" 2in1 Smoke-Less Fire Pit

    SKU: CBY-0119
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