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    • Meet our CouleeGo™ collection, these fire pits were designed to take everywhere you go. These versatile fire pits will enhance your adventures from ice fishing to a lakeside retreat while also being a staple in your backyard or camping adventures. 

      Add our Stainless-Steel lid to double as a table when not in use or once your fire has died down to hot coals.

    • Dimensions
      • 12” Inside Diameter
      • 13.5” Outside Diameter
      • 15” High
      • 15 lbs
    • Fuel Source
      • Small Cut Firewood & Pellets
    • Smoke-Less
      • Although we are not 100% smoke free, we are significantly less or virtually no smoke or smell. 
    • **When using wood pellets, do not try adding more pellets to your fire. Due to our design, this can suffocate the fire and create a lot of smoke. If you want to extend your fire add firewood**

      **Our fire pits reach extreme heat and we recommend using a heat resistant base when necessary to ensure you do not burn the surface below**

    • Seat/Heat
      • Perfect for 1-4 people.
    • Designed and Manufactured in Canada
      • We offer a 10 Year Limited Warranty. 

    CouleeGo 12" Smoke-Less Fire Pit

    SKU: CGP-0012
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